CEO speech on first day retreat

CEO’s Message

Corporate Retreat was introduced in SEC in the year 2012 after I took over as the CEO of SEC on 1st of June 2010 and this has been an annual event ever since.

The objective then and today remains the same. A special time is set aside from the day to day routine in the workplace so that we can resolve any differences, refresh ourselves, be motivated and inspired to move forward. Hence, each and everyone of you are expected to participate in all the activities throughout this retreat so that by the end of this retreat you will all have achieved better understanding and stronger bonding with each other. Let us therefore put aside all personal differences with the focus of serving SEC. I sincerely hope that in line with this year’s corporate retreat theme “Change Your Mindsets and Prepare for the Future” we will be renewed in our thoughts and in all our ways so that we can work cohesively with one another taking SEC to greater heights.

Though we expect many challenges ahead, we need to overcome them and seize the many opportunities that come our way. Hence, at the end of this corporate retreat I hope each of you will look within yourselves and your roles adapting to changes as you prepare yourselves to be able to contribute towards a better SEC.

Despite IR 4.0 and the era of AI, human capital is still the key factor that drives an organization to its success or failure. I say this with confidence as SEC is where it is because of the right people in the organization who have worked hard and contributed towards where we are today.

Despite, the slower momentum in both global and local markets and increasing CPI, SEC’s performance has improved. This has been made possible through the hard work, dedication, prudence and sound management practices that are in place within SEC.

Let us therefore during this retreat whilst participating in the events lined up by the committee reflect and re-examine how each of us should realign our mindsets preparing for the future. This we do for the future generation of SEC, the future of SEC, the state and thereby our nation.

Last but not least, I take this opportunity to thank all staff of SEC and the organizing committee for making Corporate Retreat 2019 a great success and truly memorable. Let us change our mindsets navigating SEC to a greater future with success! Taking cognizance that our human capital are the greatest assets in SEC, our employees are therefore essential and key to all success!

Thank You.